Lind, Hill coming around at plate

Lind, Hill coming around at plate

TORONTO -- Aaron Hill and Adam Lind carried the Blue Jays' offense for much of last season, proving one of the better power combinations in the American League. Both hitters are off to slower starts this season, and hitting coach Dwayne Murphy believes it has everything to do with the opposing pitchers.

"They've been pitching those guys different, and rightfully so," Murphy said on Saturday. "These guys had great years last year. They have to make adjustments. If I'm a pitcher and last year these guys got me, I'm going to do something different. Maybe I'm starting them with fastballs where last year I was throwing breaking balls.

"I'm going to do whatever I can do to get them off-balance, and all of a sudden they're in their own heads a little and then you've got them and they're struggling. But these guys, their swings are coming. These last few games, they've had good swings."

Entering Saturday, Hill was hitting .184 with three home runs and nine RBIs over 22 games, while Lind was batting .223 with six homers and 20 RBIs across 36 contests. Both Hill and Lind homered in Friday's 16-10 win over the Rangers, and Murphy believes it is only a matter of time before they heat up even more.

"These guys, in my book, are going to be all right," Murphy said. "They're going to be fine. Their swings are there, and these are guys that are good hitters. It's not like you have to break it apart and say, 'Well, you guys have got to do this.' They just have to build their confidence.

"By the end of the season, they may not have the super power numbers they had last year, but they will have good, quality numbers by the time the season is done."

Lind contributed to Saturday's 6-0 blanking of the Rangers with an RBI single in the first inning off Scott Feldman.