Alomar would like front-office job

Alomar would like front-office job

TORONTO -- It has been six years since 12-time American League All-Star Roberto Alomar has dawned a big league jersey.

While Alomar, who came up just eight votes shy of a first-ballot induction into the Hall of Fame, has enjoyed his short time away from the game, he said he is itching to rejoin the Majors in a different capacity.

"I'm almost ready," Alomar said. "I think after this year I'm going to go up there [to the front office] -- I would love to work for the Blue Jays."

Exactly what position is Alomar looking for?

"Anywhere they need me," he said. "If they need me for fielding, or hitting, or stolen bases -- I think the game of baseball now is lacking the little things, the things that [can be done] to win games. I think I can help them with that, mainly their mind and how to help them win some games."

Although the Blue Jays organization has not offered Alomar any form of long-term position with the club, they did select him to help represent the franchise at the 2010 First-Year Player Draft -- an important event for this young club moving forward.

"I'm real honored," Alomar said. "I always say one day I will work for baseball, and I would love to work for the Blue Jays. For them to invite me and think of me to go there, it is an honor."