Morrow willing to work with any catcher

Morrow willing to work with any catcher

TORONTO -- Brandon Morrow will pitch to any catcher that Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston wants to put behind the plate. The pitcher has been paired with catcher Jose Molina for much of the season, but is willing to switch things up.

Not a fan of personal catchers for certain pitchers, Gaston indicated on Friday that he would like to break up the Morrow-Molina tandem at some point down the stretch this season. On Saturday, Morrow said he had no issues with throwing to a different catcher.

"That's fine," Morrow said. "Having Mo back there has been extremely beneficial in learning how you have to approach pitching a game. The way he calls a game has really kind of opened my eyes into what kind of pitches I need to be throwing up there.

"He's been great, but I know that they obviously can't do that every time."

Morrow then motioned toward the locker of young catcher J.P. Arencibia, who was called up from Triple-A Las Vegas on Thursday. Arencibia -- currently filling in for injured catcher John Buck -- is the top candidate to serve as Toronto's starting catcher in 2011.

"J.P. is probably going to be our guy for years to come," Morrow said. "So I'd like to start that."

As things currently stand, Morrow is slated to pitch to Molina for Sunday's game against the Rays. They have worked together in each of Morrow's past 11 starts, during which the right-hander has gone 7-4 with a 3.42 ERA. Overall, the righty has a 3.32 ERA with Molina and a 8.81 ERA with Buck.

Morrow believes Buck simply caught him at a bad time earlier this year, when the pitcher was working through some mechanical issues.

"I don't think it's Buck's fault that I threw bad to him," Morrow said. "He just happened to be back there for a few of my meltdown starts, and I just happened to start to get on a roll when Molina was back there."