Snider still has room to improve on defense

Snider still has room to improve on defense

TORONTO -- Blue Jays manager Cito Gaston believes Travis Snider has room to improve on defense, and he is holding out hope that the young outfielder will continue to make strides as he gains more experience in the field.

Gaston said one key is for Snider to realize there are times when going full bore is not necessary.

"The more he plays," Gaston said, "the more he's going to understand that you can't make every play. You have to give in sometimes to a guy. It's a double, throw the ball to third base, or, 'I'm not going to catch this ball, but I'm going to keep it from going for a double.'

"I think the more he plays out there, hopefully, he's going to get it. If he doesn't get it, then he's going to have a problem."

Gaston's comments come one day after Snider misplayed a fly ball.

In the ninth inning of the Jays' 5-3 win over the Mariners on Tuesday, Snider charged in from left field on a fly ball off the bat of Matt Tuiasosopo. Toronto shortstop Yunel Escobar was camped under the ball ready to make the catch, but moved away with Snider sprinting in. The ball dropped to the turf and the play eventually led to a Seattle run.

"That was my mistake the whole way," Snider said after the game. "That's something that has to get better."

Gaston, who added that Snider also needs to work on hitting his cutoff man more often, said it was hard to get mad at the left fielder for his effort. That said, Gaston felt Snider should have pulled up and let Escobar make the play.

"You can't get upset with him, because he was hustling hard," Gaston said. "On the other side of it, you've got to be smart. Escobar was standing under the ball and Snider had to come a long way. He has to learn that [he doesn't] have to catch every ball out here."