Marcum plans to appeal plunking fine

Marcum plans to appeal plunking fine

TORONTO -- Blue Jays starting pitcher Shaun Marcum was fined by Major League Baseball on Monday, for hitting designated hitter Luke Scott with a pitch in Sunday's series finale against the Orioles.

Marcum grazed Scott in the chest with a first-pitch fastball to lead off the fourth inning. In what the Orioles may have interpreted as retribution for clipping Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista with a pitch in the previous frame, Marcum insisted he did not throw at Scott on purpose.

"I think everybody around here knows I have good enough control that if I'm going to hit somebody, I'll square them up in the back," Marcum said. "I'm not going to hit them in the sleeve or something like that."

Out of principle, Marcum plans to appeal the $750 fine, citing that warnings were not issued to the two teams until after Bautista and Scott had both been hit.

Things escalated further when Bautista was hit for a second time by reliever Alfredo Simon -- who is normally reserved for late situations -- in the fifth. With warnings already set in place by home-plate umpire Bill Welke, Simon and manager Buck Showalter were subsequently ejected from the game.

The league took action on Monday, suspending Simon for three games and Showalter for a single contest.

Despite Showalter and Simon denying any intent to throw at Bautista, the Major League home run leader wasn't buying it.

"They were going to get what they deserved regardless," Bautista said. "Like I said [on Sunday], I think they knew what they were doing. The second time I got hit, it was pretty obvious. I don't care what their comments were after the game, I did read them. I don't believe what they said. But whatever.

"That doesn't give me any pleasure that they got suspended or whatever, it's just what they deserved."

Bautista was caught off-guard by the two plunkings, especially since he has always gotten along well with Simon.

"I just don't know what the message is," Bautista said. "What message can they be sending?"

One reporter responded by saying, "Stop hitting home runs."

"Make better pitches," Bautista said. "I'm not trying to be cocky or anything, I'm just trying to find answers, and I don't really have them. I don't know what their train of thought is, I have no idea."