Hit in helmet, Snider to see neurologist Tuesday

Hit in helmet, Snider to see neurologist Tuesday

Hit in helmet, Snider to see neurologist Tuesday
ATLANTA -- Blue Jays left fielder Travis Snider is scheduled to meet with a neurologist Tuesday in Las Vegas after being hit on the brim of his helmet during a Triple-A game Friday.

"The initial concussion has been confirmed," manager John Farrell said. "He is not traveling with the team to Reno and until [Tuesday], we'll have no more definitive news on the current status and any kind of projected return to play."

Once the concussion has been treated, Snider will have to undergo a bevy of tests before he'll be cleared to resume playing.

"As we've seen with Yunel [Escobar] here and other guys that have suffered that, there's going to be a battery of tests and re-administering those tests to ensure that those symptoms have dissipated before he gets back on the field," Farrell said.

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Farrell said Snider will have to go through the impact test and baseline testing, like every player that comes into Spring Training, and will then go through exertion tests.

"And rightfully so, to protect the player and his health," he said. "There are steps that we have to fulfill here."

Snider, who began the season with Toronto before being sent down to work on his mechanics, played four innings after taking the hit before he was taken out due to dizziness. At the time, Snider showed no effects of a concussion.

"We have complete trust in the experience of the medical people that are on staff and their capabilities in the moment," Farrell said. "If there is any concern, if there is any doubt, then we're always going to side on caution and remove the player at that point in time.

"But if there are no clear or relevant symptoms based on the impact, then that's what we have to go by."