Rogers Centre roof to be closed due to heat

Rogers Centre roof to be closed due to heat

Rogers Centre roof to be closed due to heat
TORONTO -- On Thursday afternoon, Rogers Centre's retractable roof will be closed because of extreme heat for the first time in the stadium's 23-year history.

The high temperatures expected for the series finale against Seattle have forced Blue Jays officials to keep Rogers Centre closed.

Conditions are projected to reach 48 degrees Celsius -- 118 degrees Fahrenheit -- with humidity. That type of heat index had Blue Jays manager John Farrell hoping the roof would remain closed in the air conditioned dome.

"I would rather it be closed tomorrow with the extremeness that we're going to have," Farrell said prior to Wednesday night's game. "That turf is going to add some degrees to it as well. Being the fact that this is our home ballpark, I think we have the ability to have a discussion about that today."

Philadelphia right-hander Roy Halladay was forced to leave his last start against the Cubs after the fourth inning because of possible dehydration brought on by 91-degree temperatures.

Farrell said he's had discussions with teams in southern climates to see how they deal with the heat on a regular basis. The Rangers pay close attention to their pitchers to ensure a similar situation to Halladay doesn't happen with them.

"Their starting pitchers take an IV before they go out in the game," Farrell said. "They'll replenish their fluids or even preventively pump their systems with fluid just to have to a reserve, or a reservoir almost, as they're going through the extreme heat.

"Most importantly it's the days leading up to your start day, anticipating the conditions. You've got to hydrate before going out there."