Hill seeing results after extra bat work

Hill seeing results after extra bat work

Hill seeing results after extra bat work
SEATTLE -- Aaron Hill's performance at the plate on Tuesday night in Seattle caught the attention of his manager.

Hill spent extra time this week working in the batting cage with hitting coach Dwayne Murphy. The veteran infielder made an adjustment with his mechanics by lowering his hands during the batting stance.

Farrell noticed the change from the dugout and thought it led to a more comfortable approach at the plate.

"Not only did it lead to the relaxation in his hands, but there was even a slight difference in his setup at the plate," Farrell said. "You could see the position in his hands be ... not as buried [and] tight to his right ear.

"The fact that they are away from his head a little bit more allows that path to be opened and not to be so tight across his shoulders."

Hill responded to the change by going 2-for-4 with a home run and tying a career high with four RBIs. The positive results likely will help Hill buy into the changes a little bit easier.

"The current results reinforce the change in physical positioning to what the mind is going through," Farrell said. "Just to relax him and let him believe in his abilities rather than pressing and thinking every at-bat is such great emphasis on each one, that it can compound and continue to build.

"Last night, he swung the bat from over the course of the entire game, as good as any game all year."

Hill entered Wednesday's series finale hitting .229 with six home runs and 45 RBIs.