Solid Janssen aiming to improve

Solid Janssen aiming to improve

Solid Janssen aiming to improve
TORONTO -- Blue Jays reliever Casey Janssen has been on a run of late.

The right-hander, who turned 30 on Saturday, entered Monday having allowed just one earned run over his last 22 1/3 innings, spanning a total of 19 games. During that stretch, Janssen threw 16 2/3 innings -- between July 26 and Aug. 30 -- without allowing an earned run, establishing a career high and representing the longest streak by any Blue Jays pitcher this season.

Despite his recent success and solid season on the whole, Janssen said he doesn't get too caught up in the numbers.

"I don't think about it," said Janssen, who boasts a 5-0 record with a 1.94 ERA. "People tell me it, but like I said, I don't look at stats -- it doesn't matter to me."

Janssen said that consistently throwing strikes and having command of all five of his pitches has contributed to what he dubbed as one of his best seasons to date. His previous best ERA to end a season was 2.35 in 2007.

One thing Janssen wants to improve upon going into next year -- which he insists most of the Toronto bullpen is trying to do -- is work better with inherited runners. This season Janssen has allowed 48 percent of inherited runners to score (11 of 23 and five of eight since July 26).

"I think I'm a better pitcher this year than I was in 2007," he said. "[But] the thing that sticks out in my season is the inherited runners. I want to get better. There have been multiple days where I can't even look Ricky [Romero] in the face because I gave up some of his runners.

"If he wasn't such a good friend, he'd probably hate my guts.

"Although it's a streaky stat, it's a stat that us relievers take pride in. Unfortunately this year, to my expectation level, I haven't been good enough. I want to get better at that, but at the same time finish this year healthy, strong, and hopefully carry the momentum into next year."