Blue Jays proud of 22 Grapefruit League wins

Blue Jays proud of 22 Grapefruit League wins

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- The Blue Jays, with their 22-4 record, are the winningest team in baseball this spring.

Granted, it is only Spring Training, and those are just Grapefruit League games. So, however ephemeral, what exactly do all of those wins mean?

"To me, they say three things," manager John Farrell said.

"No. 1, they say the depth and the quality of the overall talent in our organization has improved by the year," Farrell said. "They're a talented group, and they're aware of that talent. That talent is deep, and that talent is entrenched.

"No. 2, 40 players showed up in camp the week before Spring Training started, and it was obvious their focus and attention to detail was outstanding. They were focused and dedicated from the first day they reported. The confidence was there when they reported to Spring Training, and that confidence has continued to grow throughout this month of Spring Training.

"And No. 3, to me, it doesn't matter what time of the year it is, you play to win the game."

In other words, wins matter -- even if they won't count once the bell rings and the regular season begins.

"If we were sitting here 4-22, it would be a different story," Farrell said. "Everyone would be asking, 'What's wrong?'"