Opening Day homecoming for Vizquel, Farrell

Opening Day homecoming for Vizquel, Farrell

Opening Day homecoming for Vizquel, Farrell
CLEVELAND -- The Blue Jays' season opener in Cleveland on Thursday afternoon was a homecoming of sorts for both Omar Vizquel and John Farrell.

Vizquel played a starring role for the Indians from 1994-2004, while making two trips to the World Series and winning nine Gold Gloves.

Farrell had an equal amount of time in Cleveland, having spent five seasons with the club as a player and an additional five in a player development role.

"This is where I started as a kid professionally, both as a player and later on in a post-playing career," Farrell said. "There are a lot of special people in this organization that I am still very close with, but most importantly, [this game] is a chance for the Blue Jays to start 2012."

Vizquel was honored prior to first pitch. Even though he wasn't in the starting lineup, Cleveland opted to announce his name and the large crowd at Progressive Field responded with a standing ovation.

It was a special moment for the veteran infielder who is nearing the end of his career. The reaction was exactly the kind Farrell and Vizquel's teammates had been hoping for prior to the game.

"I talked to Omar in the clubhouse earlier this morning, and I would hope and I would certainly think it has a chance to be a really special ovation," Farrell said prior to the game. "Whether or not this is his last year, that's beside the point, but the fact that he has a chance to step out from the introductions and step off that line I hope it brings the house down."