Lawrie, Arencibia dine with KC legend Brett

Lawrie, Arencibia dine with KC legend Brett

Lawrie, Arencibia dine with KC legend Brett
KANSAS CITY -- Every kid wants to have lunch with a Major League player. Even other baseball players.

Brett Lawrie and J.P. Arencibia of the Blue Jays had the opportunity to eat lunch with Hall of Famer George Brett in the afternoon before Saturday's game with the Royals.

Brett was a roommate of current Blue Jays broadcaster Buck Martinez when they played in Kansas City, and the two former players treated the young players to a meal and memories.

"It was fantastic," Lawrie said. "It was good. It was a chance for J.P. and myself to kind of reach back from a legend and just kind of talk to him and see what he was about. I've heard a couple times that I kind of play like [Brett did]. It was just good to talk with a guy that's been around the game for such a long time."

Comparisons have been made between the Brett and Lawrie, the Blue Jays' third baseman. Some of those stem from their shared hustle.

"We talked about that a lot today, that every ground ball he hit to second base, he wanted to beat it out every time," Lawrie said. "And that's how I play the game, too. Every time I hit a ground ball I have that thought in the back of my mind that there's a chance. Not only to start an inning off, but to help my teammates in general. I think that running a ground ball out shows a lot of respect. ... I go 100 miles an hour just like he did, and I respect the game that way."

Manager John Farrell said the experience was a great one for the young players.

"When you look around, I think there are certain players over the course of their career that almost became caretakers of the game. I think when you think of George Brett, not only is he a Hall of Famer, but he respects the game and played the game like everyday was his last. Whether it's sitting around sharing a glass of ice tea or a sandwich -- but more importantly share some of the stories and the experiences that he had."