Toronto's defense making habit of double plays

Toronto's defense making habit of double plays

KANSAS CITY -- Double your pleasure, double your fun.

Entering Sunday's action, no team in the American League had turned more double plays than the Blue Jays. Four of the team's 21 double plays this season came in Saturday's 9-5 win over the Royals.

Manager John Farrell attributed the infield's success to a couple of factors.

"It's a combination of a few things," Farrell said. "We've got a few more sinkerball pitchers, pitchers that are going to put the ball on the ground. But the one constant from day one has been the defense, whether it's on the infield or in the outfield. ... When you can eliminate a base hit and turn it into an out, reduce the number of pitches thrown by a given pitcher. All those things work hand-in-hand, but our guys have done an excellent job on the infield."

Farrell specifically pointed out a double play from the seventh inning of Saturday's game off the bat of Royals designated hitter Billy Butler. Third baseman Brett Lawrie made a diving stop on a ground ball to his left, got up, and threw to second baseman Kelly Johnson, who relayed to Adam Lind to complete the twin-killing.

"I think we've played very steady defense, and we've not only made the average play, we've made some well above-average plays," Farrell said. "When you look at the double play that Brett started with a diving play to his glove side, those aren't normal plays."