Vizquel knows triple plays, great moments

Vizquel knows triple plays, great moments

Vizquel knows triple plays, great moments
KANSAS CITY -- You'd think that 24-year veteran Omar Vizquel has seen it all. But it doesn't mean he's still not wowed by baseball's biggest achievements.

Friday's triple play against the Royals was the Blue Jays' fourth as a franchise, but Vizquel has seen more than that by himself. Over his career, Vizquel has been on a roster that has been involved in a triple play nine times.


Vizquel recalled the time he hit into a triple play, or rather bunted into a triple play. It occurred in 1992, when Vizquel played for Seattle in a game against Detroit.

With none out and runners on first and third, Vizquel attempted to squeeze in Dave Valle from third. The bunt was caught by Tigers third baseman Skeeter Barnes, who tagged Valle coming down the third-base line. Barnes then threw on to Cecil Fielder at first to nail Harold Reynolds for the third out.

"Sometimes you find those weird plays like that," said Vizquel, who made his first start of the season in place of Kelly Johnson at second on Sunday. "How weird is it that somebody's bunting and he hits into a three-out play? It's really weird. ... Some times you don't know what kind of combination you're going to get."

Vizquel redeemed himself the next month, when the Baltimore Orioles visited the Kingdome. Baltimore's Mike Devereaux hit a fly ball to right field that was caught by Jay Buhner. Randy Milligan was at first base and started running, going beyond the second base bag and passing Brady Anderson, who was at second. Milligan was called out, and Anderson wandered off the bag, confused.

Buhner threw to Reynolds, Reynolds threw to Vizquel and Vizquel tagged Anderson for the third out.

Before Friday, the last triple play Vizquel witnessed was the one his White Sox hit into last April against the Indians.