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Farrell relates to Royals' losing streak

Farrell relates to Royals' losing streak

KANSAS CITY -- While the Blue Jays have built a winning streak in Kansas City, the Royals' stretch of consecutive losses has reached double digits.

Each Blue Jays win this weekend has extended the Royals' losing streak, and entering Monday it stood at 10 straight.

Blue Jays manager John Farrell said he couldn't remember being involved with a losing streak quite that long, but he did compare the stretch for Kansas City to periods of rough showings by Toronto.


"We've had our own issues where you don't feel good about the way things are going," Farrell said. "You may eek out a win every now and then. At times it can make you tentative, and at times it can make you over aggressive. I just look at our team, and sometimes when we get over aggressive we can make mistakes that will have an effect on a given inning or cut an inning short. You still have to trust in your abilities and your routine and how you go about getting prepared and reacting to the game situations as they evolve."