Lawrie helps launch Victoria's Secret line

Lawrie helps launch Victoria's Secret line

Lawrie helps launch Victoria's Secret line
TORONTO -- Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie and Victoria's Secret model Elsa Hosk were on hand Monday at the Eaton Centre, a shopping mall in downtown Toronto, to help unveil a new Blue Jays line of clothing as part of Major League Baseball's Victoria's Secret PINK co-branded line.

The Victoria's Secret PINK MLB Collection, which was originally launched in March 2010, will feature all 30 teams and offer an exclusive assortment of co-branded merchandise.

In addition to PINK's highly recognizable brand iconography, the name and logo of the Blue Jays is featured on an assortment of clothing. Hosk didn't hesitate when asked if the new line would resonate well with fans.

"Absolutely," Hosk said during her appearance at the PINK store. "When we were at the Miami [Marlins] game, we saw so many girls rocking the Miami T-shirts and gear and I think this looks great -- the Blue Jays gear looks fantastic."

Hosk considers herself a baseball fan and says she would proudly represent the new line at a game.

"Yeah for sure," Hosk said when asked if she would wear the clothing herself. "When you go to a game, you want to look cute."

Lawrie was more than willing to participate in this event and joked that he raised his hand in the air to offer when he originally heard about it. The popular Canadian is a fan favorite among his fellow Canucks and saw this is as a way to give back.

Clearly the fans were looking forward to it also, as there was a line wrapped around the corner of the store to have a meet-and-greet with Lawrie and Hosk.

"This is a good chance to promote Major League Baseball," Lawrie said. "It's good to be here and see the fans and launch a new line of stuff."

The clothing line will be available at the Blue Jays Shop at Rogers Centre, too, and for Lauren Verrusio, manager of business public relations for MLB, the clothing line is a major upgrade compared to the apparel that used to be geared towards women.

"Years ago, the idea was 'pink it and shrink it,' and it was assumed that's what the females wanted to wear," Verrusio said, referring to tiny, pink outfits. "But girls want to come out to the games in ball caps and hoodies and look cool in a fashionable way and be comfortable. So now there is actual gear designed for women to wear to a baseball game."

The apparel may have just came to Toronto, but this initiative has been in the works for years and there was a specific reason why MLB chose to cater directly to the female demographic.

"Our licensing department and Victoria's Secret PINK came together a couple years ago to produce this co-branded line," Verrusio said. "We are the first major league (out of the big four North American Sports) to do something with Victoria's Secret PINK. Now with the Blue Jays, we are with all 30 teams, which is fantastic.

"This line does very well -- 45 percent of our fan base are females. So it's fantastic to have a clothing line that speaks directly to them."

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