Blue Jays get much-needed breather Monday

Blue Jays get much-needed breather Monday

Blue Jays get much-needed breather Monday
OAKLAND -- The Blue Jays received some much-needed rest on Monday following a stretch of 20 games in as many days.

Toronto has been riding its starting nine on an almost daily basis this season and a scheduled off-day was exactly what the doctor ordered. That was especially the case for Yunel Escobar, who had played in every inning until Sunday's game in Anaheim.

Blue Jays manager John Farrell said that with another off-day not coming until May 24 the timing was right to get a short breather for everyone on his roster.

"I think there are some position players that we were able to take advantage [especially] Sunday being down for Yunel," Farrell said. "So he gets two days down after playing every game so far. There's a reason they come along at the 20-game mark and it was needed for everybody."

Despite the day off, Farrell has no intention of skipping No. 5 starter Drew Hutchison. Toronto utilized a four-man rotation earlier this year, but that is not the intention this time around.

Farrell would prefer to give everyone in the rotation an extra day of rest as a way of keeping each pitcher strong.

"We'll look to take advantage of the off-days," Farrell said. "We're not looking to roll guys back, at least at this point where we've gone to five guys in the rotation.

"Earlier in the season, it was because we had multiple days off. We're in another stretch here where we're going to have another string of 14-15 in a row. So I think everybody in our rotation could stand an extra day."