Farrell would make a few Interleague changes

Farrell would make a few Interleague changes

TORONTO -- Blue Jays manager John Farrell enjoys Interleague Play, but wouldn't mind seeing a new wrinkle added to it.

"I know the suggestion box isn't open, but I think the overall record of the American and National League should maybe weigh into what postseason home advantage is opposed than just one game at the All-Star break," Farrell said. "I'd like to see the National League rules played in the AL ballparks and vice versa, so the fans are getting to see a different brand of baseball."

Farrell believes NL teams have a distinct advantage when they are the home club, but he would not use that as an excuse.

Toronto's coaching staff does a lot of work with its pitchers and a lot earlier in the year than what one might expect.

"Our preparation starts roughly five weeks prior to when we go on our road trip to the first NL ballpark, to put a bat in pitchers' hands and start to swing off a tee first and basic progression towards live batting practice," Farrell said. "But we aren't going to replicate 90 mph getting thrown at them too readily. ... We put a little competition in play for all our starters, a little reward system because when it comes to handling a bat, anything above a sacrifice bunt, we're in way positive territory."