Change in approach paying off for Rasmus

Change in approach paying off for Rasmus

Change in approach paying off for Rasmus
ST. PETERSBURG -- A minor tweak in Colby Rasmus' approach at the plate has led to impressive results in the past two days.

Rasmus has moved up in the batter's box, and even though it's only a difference of approximately eight inches, the initial reports have been positive.

The 25-year-old entered play on Tuesday having recorded three hits and a pair of doubles in the two games since making the adjustment.

"When he was deeper in the box, it gave him a little bit more time to read the pitch," manager John Farrell said. "I think some of that added time, maybe allowed some opportunity for some additional thoughts to get in there.

"[He began] thinking about other things other than just see the ball and hit the ball and take a more aggressive swing. I think at times he has tried to work the ball around the field, staying inside some pitches, hitting some balls into left-center field. His strength is on the pull side, he showed that last night, and I think that's the swing that makes him most productive."

The minor change in the batter's box stemmed from a conversation following Friday's game against the Mets. Rasmus received the night off and had a lengthy talk with the Blue Jays' coaching staff that lasted well into the middle of the night.

That prompted Rasmus to go back to a spot in the batter's box that he used earlier in his career with St. Louis.

"Most importantly, Colby has gone back to a position in the box that he's familiar with," Farrell said. "I think getting that familiarity there and taking some of the thought out of it and just reacting to the pitch is really what has allowed him to show the swings again last night."

Rasmus entered play on Tuesday hitting .214 with three homers and 15 RBIs in 42 games this season.