Vizquel reminisces about facing Smoltz

Vizquel reminisces about facing Smoltz

ATLANTA -- The Braves are celebrating alumni weekend during their three-game series against the Blue Jays. The weekend's highlight came Friday night with the retirement of former pitcher John Smoltz's number.

For at least one member of the Blue Jays, watching the pregame ceremony brought back a wealth of memories. Utility infielder Omar Vizquel said watching Smoltz immediately took him back to the 1995 World Series when he faced Smoltz and the Braves as a member of the Indians.

"It brought the World Series right away when I saw him talking about [Greg] Maddux and [Tom] Glavine and Chipper [Jones] and Andruw Jones and all those persons," Vizquel said. "It just brought me the memories of the World Series, how they came out and shut us down to get the World Series."

Vizquel said he doesn't have a relationship with Smoltz, but has met him a few times. Still, he felt it was a special moment.

"It was pretty sentimental just to listen to him," Vizquel said. "It was very nice to see his teammates around him and give him the honor and the support that he deserved."