Farrell managing struggling Cordero's workload

Farrell managing struggling Cordero's workload

CHICAGO -- The start of July hasn't been kind to Blue Jays reliever Francisco Cordero, who finished June with eight straight scoreless appearances.

Cordero allowed three runs in each of his first two appearances in July. Manager John Farrell said there are times even while Cordero is struggling that he'll have to be called upon.

"I wouldn't say [we've] lost complete confidence," Farrell said. "Yet, at the same time, there's going to be situations where even Francisco knows that we'll go to guys before him when everyone's rested. We're in a situation with three guys pitching on back-to-back days, we have to try to balance as much as we can the health of everyone."

Farrell said he managed to get Cordero, who leads the club with 39 appearances, into games in June that allowed him to build his confidence.

"Unfortunately, the last two outings haven't turned out the way we'd anticipated," he said.