All-Star break coming at right time for Toronto

All-Star break coming at right time for Toronto

CHICAGO -- With two errors leading to a breakout fifth inning for the White Sox on Friday, manager John Farrell worries fatigue may be taking its toll on the Blue Jays.

The first error occurred on a throw by left fielder Rajai Davis that sailed over the head of catcher J.P Arencibia. The second came when third baseman Brett Lawrie attempted to flip the ball to Davis after an RBI single by Gordon Beckham into shallow left field.

Farrell said the Blue Jays lacked necessary fundamentals, from reading a line drive to making the right defensive decisions. He said when fatigue sets in, consistent focus and concentration can be difficult to maintain, which is costly in low-scoring games.

"Going back to the throw at home plate [on Friday], if that throw goes into second base, we're not in an infield-in situation -- where the bloop hit by Beckham compounds it," Farrell said. "The line drive after that, we're not playing the infield in again. That's where it starts to snowball a little bit, based on a play that might have happened three or four hitters prior."

Farrell said the Blue Jays are one of many teams who could use the All-Star break to get a breather, both physically and mentally.

"I think it's a good thing that baseball's gone to a uniform break," Farrell said. "Everyone feels like they've got the same rest period, particularly those teams that might be traveling coming out of the break."