Farrell reflects on ups and downs of first half

Farrell reflects on ups and downs of first half

CHICAGO -- Manager John Farrell looked back on the first half of the season, noting a strong offensive output and his club's knack for replacing injured pitchers adequately, while still searching for answers in the bullpen.

"We came out of Spring Training looking to get three first-year pitchers established in the rotation, which is daunting in its own right, and yet probably compounded even further in the AL East," Farrell said. "Through the first two months of the season, they were a strength of this team.

"When you think back to Spring Training, we thought the bullpen would be a strength. That hasn't been the strength that we fully expected. Injury played some of that, inconsistent performance in some other ways."

Through the ups and downs of the Blue Jays season, including a three-game losing streak entering Sunday, Farrell said the spirits of the players in the clubhouse hasn't wavered.

"The one thing that's overriding is the way we've taken the field every day and the attitude and energy we continue to show says a lot about the attitude and character of the players on this team," he said.