Farrell: Home-plate collisions part of the game

Farrell: Home-plate collisions part of the game

TORONTO -- The Blue Jays won Friday's contest against the Rays in dramatic fashion.

Right fielder Moises Sierra threw a bullet to the plate to nail pinch-runner Elliot Johnson for the final out of the game.

Johnson barreled into catcher Jeff Mathis, but the backstop was able to hold on to the ball to secure the victory. It was Johnson who actually took the brunt of the hit, as he walked away with several abrasions to his face, hands and knee.

Much has been made recently about home-plate collisions after Giants catcher Buster Posey was run over last year and sidelined for the remainder of the season with a broken leg. Some people have argued that they should be eliminated from the game.

Manager John Farrell was asked for his thoughts on home-plate collisions. Although he respects others' opinions, he ultimately feels that it is simply part of the game.

"A collision at home plate is very much part of this game," Farrell said. "Some people might take exception if certain plays at the plate might be judged as maybe not the cleanest slides or if a catcher is exposed in certain ways. But a catcher has full gear on.

"It's an exciting play, and there is a lot of time and technique taught to catchers [on] how to block the plate and reduce the potential of injury."