As season nears conclusion, jobs up for grabs in '13

As season nears conclusion, jobs up for grabs in '13

As season nears conclusion, jobs up for grabs in '13
TORONTO -- The Blue Jays' aspirations for the 2012 postseason were abandoned quite awhile ago, but manager John Farrell wants his club to know there is still plenty on the line as the year nears its conclusion.

Toronto is heading into what could become a very busy offseason, and while a set core group of talent is already in place, there are still lots of jobs up for grabs.

That has been a constant reminder to a relatively young team which might be playing out the string but is still attempting to make positive impressions for 2013.

"We communicate regularly on what is being evaluated," Farrell said. "That's shared individually and collectively as a team. Those aren't thrown to the wind because we're 15 or 18 games from the final day of the season. Evaluation continues to go on and there's still competition here. Not everyone in that room is guaranteed a spot next year."

Toronto's season went into somewhat of a nose dive on July 30. At the time, the Blue Jays were still very much in the mix for one of the two American League Wild Card spots, but they then proceeded to go 14-29.

The club has won just four of its past 14 series and owns a -62 run differential over that period of time. Despite the record, general manager Alex Anthopoulos said he hasn't witnessed any signs of his players accepting defeat.

"Not at all," Anthopoulos said. "I think guys are playing hard. It's just a matter that some guys aren't hitting, some guys haven't pitched and that's part of it.

"Guys get hot and cold, but I don't see that at all. We've lost a lot of one-run games. ... These have been close games, we've battled, we've fought hard. It's not to say we accept it or we're proud of it by any stretch, but it's not like guys aren't running ground balls out and things like that. Guys are playing hard. We're just not getting it done."