Farrell: Blue Jays keep discipline in-house

Farrell: Blue Jays keep discipline in-house

BALTIMORE -- Sportsnet analyst, and former Blue Jays player, Gregg Zaun said recently that Toronto has a "consequence-free" clubhouse, where players aren't held accountable for their misdeeds.

Blue Jays manager John Farrell said he hasn't read Zaun's comments and would rather not respond to them for that reason.

But he did say that the team does have consequences when needed, which they prefer to keep in-house.

"I'm a firm believer in players should have freedom to be themselves within the team environment. By no means should this be misconstrued or confused with, 'It's all about a bunch of individuals,'" Farrell said. "This is a team that guys have the ability to be themselves within the team concept. Once that gets to the point of being [a] detriment to the team environment, then it's addressed ... but to stuff guys in a box and ask them to conform or to be something other than themselves, then I think it's taking away from their natural abilities."

Zaun's comments came after Yunel Escobar was suspended for writing a homophobic slur in Spanish on his eye black last weekend.