Gibbons, Lawrie tossed after called third strike

Gibbons, Lawrie tossed after called third strike

TORONTO -- Manager John Gibbons and third baseman Brett Lawrie were ejected from Friday's game vs. the Orioles.

Even after the game, Lawrie was surprised with the ejection.

"I didn't do anything," Lawrie said. "What you guys saw is what happened. I didn't do anything. I didn't say one word to [home-plate umpire Dan Bellino]. Not one. Didn't look at him one time, and I'm in trouble for that.

"From my standpoint the at-bat was over. Flipped my bat down. Flipped my helmet down. Walked to my position. Apparently you get in trouble for that."

The ejection occurred in the bottom of the third inning, with two men on and two out and the Blue Jays trailing, 9-3. Toronto's third baseman was rung up by Bellino on a pitch on the inside corner to end the Blue Jays' threat.

Lawrie, clearly not pleased with the call, put his helmet down quickly in disgust and threw his batting gloves back towards his helmet -- and the umpire -- as he walked up the third-base line.

Bellino immediately tossed Lawrie.

"It was a called strike three, he threw down his helmet and his bat, and was given an equipment fine by the home plate umpire," crew chief Wally Bell said to a pool reporter. "As he walked away, in [Bellino's] opinion, he flipped the gloves back in a bad manner and that will get an ejection. That's what it was. He threw them back toward Danny in a way that wasn't etiquette in baseball and he was ejected for it."

"It's an equipment violation. That's where they get you when you're throwing stuff," Gibbons said. "Next time, he's got to throw his gloves in the other direction, I guess."

Gibbons came out to protest the decision to eject his player. By the time the Blue Jays manager reached the umpire, he was also ejected from the game.

"More or less protecting his player," said Bell. "Then he started talking about balls and strikes and was ejected."

It was the third ejection of the season for the Toronto manager and the first for Lawrie.

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